History of the Internet

January 13, 2009

Video: YouTube

The History of the internet is an animated documentary which outlines the inventions from time-sharing to file sharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The animated video is using PICOL icons from , these are available for download soon. See more from where you can get news about this project.

Firefox releases Version 3 beta 3

February 13, 2008

Firefox 3

Firefox has just release beta 3 of Firefox 3. Confused? Well it is the third beta release of version 3 and its seems not too bad except that some plugins don’t work yet as well as some sites not displaying properly too.

I would imagine it wont be long before all the problems are fixed and I would be pretty keen to jump right in and use it, but for now I’ll stick with version 2.

You can download version 3 at the link below, and also get the full details of the new version as well.

Website: Firefox Version 3 via Techcrunch

Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

January 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

It would seem from this small survey, that most computer savvy people prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer. The people who use Internet Explorer seem to do so because that is all that they know.

Basic Networking: The IP Address

December 17, 2007

So what’s this IP address thing that you sometimes here the techy’s talking about.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will look at IP Addresses using IP Version 4 as this is currently the most widely used and IP Version 6 is still not widely used.

An IP address is basically a set of unique numbers that electronic devices use to identify and communicate with each other on a network such as the internet or a local network like you would see in an office environment.

The concept is very similar to the house where you live having an address, ie your name might be Mr Jones and your address 99 Main Street, Denver, Colorado USA. Therefore if I was to send a letter by post to you I would need to fill out the full details as below.

Mr Jones
99 Main Street
Denver, Colorado

In Networking the IP addresses look like this sample below, or

Some IP addresses are meant to be unique on the Global Internet, while others only need to be unique within your local Network.

So for every device that is directly connected to the internet it will need a unique address that sets it apart from every other device on the internet.

Examples of these devices are your broadband router or modem that connects you to the internet, Internet web servers such as etc.

So what about if you have a broadband modem at home and you have one or two or more computers connected to this modem and they all access the Internet.

Well what happens in this situation is, the modem gets a unique IP address for the internet and any of the computers that connect to that modem and then access the internet will get there own address that is only unique for your local little network at home. Any of the computers that use the internet will use the address of the modem to access the internet.

Please see how this works in the picture below.

Ip Address
Picture: The Wizard

Please note this is a part of the basic networking series, we will soon be beginning a more advanced networking series for those of you interested. Stay tuned!

New theme for The Wizard’s Blog

December 12, 2007

About a week ago I purchased 4 of the great new Revolution WordPress Themes from Brian Gardner at

Just tonight I have installed the Tech Theme for The Wizard’s Blog. I do however have a few modifications to do, so please bare with me, I should have the major mods done over the next few days in my spare time.

Below I have some snapshots of the revolution themes. If you are interested Brian Gardner has some free themes as well as the four or five he sells shown here. Brian also does custom themes and websites as well. Brian’s themes can be seen here Brian Gardner Themes and he can be contacted here Brian Gardner Contact Form

Revolution TechWell this is the Revolution Tech theme and the one I am using here on the Wizard’s Blog.

Revolution MagazineThis is the Revolution Magazine theme, a really flashy theme that looks great and I wil definitely use it for some of my other sites.

This is one of my favorites as it is so clean and well laid out. I am using a modified version of this theme on both and

Revolution sports magazine
Finally the sports theme. I don’t have a specific use for this one yet, but I will definitely use it in the future.


Fix for Firefox not showing some images

November 1, 2007

Recently a friend told me about a problem he had for quite a while where firefox would not display some pictures from certain websites. He was using Windows XP SP2.

We had looked at all settings including the show images option which some forums had suggested and still no fix, his problem was that some images would display and some would not.

He was going to get a bigger hard drive soon so he waited and reinstalled windows on the new hard drive and reinstalled Firefox and restored his Firefox profile and yet he still had the same problem, where some websites would not show images within Firefox.

This made me think that it had to be his Firefox profile, so the only files that he really needed from his profile were his bookmarks. We made a backup of bookmarks.htm which is located in C:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\mozilla\firefox\profile\name_of your_profile\

Next step was to completely remove Firefox using Add Remove Programs in Control Panel.

A very important step next is to remove the mozilla firefox folder. You will find it at (C:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\mozilla\firefox <– remove this firefox folder. Then reinstall Firefox and copy back your bookmarks.htm file to the same folder (C:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\mozilla\firefox\profile\name_of your_profile\). Restart Firefox and your done, now his images display perfectly.

Alexa Toolbar making the Internet better

October 29, 2007

Alexa Toolbar

Want to be able to see traffic trends or information for the sites you visit or be able to quickly link to related sites? The Alexa Toolbar allows you to do this and it is completely safe from spyware. Simply by using the toolbar each user contributes information about the web and how it is used.

To get the toolbar click here Alexa Toolbar

You will have an option to “Get Sparky”, choose this and then select install now.

Once installed you will notice a small toolbar toolbar as shown in the picture above.

If the website you are viewing is registered with alexa you will notice a number which is that sites rank ( 1 being the best ).

You will also be able to right click the toolbar and choose traffic details or an overview for the site as well as related sites and links to the site.

Reduce bandwidth and storage on your website using Photobucket

October 20, 2007

This post is a bit of sidetrack from my recent entries.

I have been setting up some websites lately and this post is a test to store images on and display them on your website.

The major advantage of doing this would be to reduce the storage and bandwidth usage of your website and therefore save you some money or the need to upgrade your hosting account.

The picture below is of the Wizard”s baby girl Emily. This image is saved using a free account from Photobucket

Steps to setup and use Photobucket with your website.

1. Setup a photobucket account at

2. Upload your images to your photobucket account

3. Once the images are stored on photobucket you will have the option to select direct link below each of your photos, this is an absolute reference to the image and can be put into your webpage using img src=”http://etc ( your absolute reference to the link is pasted here).

Give it a go I’m really happy with it.

Now I can get back to the Vista posts I was working on.